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Great Leaders tell Values Embedded Stories

People perk up and listen when other people talk about values. When leaders talk about resonant core values, the values that resonate with others in your community (like a chord played on a classical guitar), they make powerful connections with those who inhabit the community with them. Speaking from the position of values, leaders (and … Continue reading

How to support S4 in the context of S2/S3 culture

Lots of folks interested in Tribal Leadership wonder if it is possible to create a stable S4 subculture inside of S2/S3 tribe. Perhaps my leadership story can help support those who would try. My conversion to the Tribal Leadership model came when a group of us began to partner around creating a high quality learning … Continue reading

Values and Stories

Stan Slap, in a McKinsey Quarterly post, suggests that “simply looking at your values consciously often helps connect them to the specific moments—big or small—that made a difference to you then and can again now.”  He makes this suggestion in light of his overall argument that when leaders tell stories about their values they create … Continue reading

Leadership v. Management

Managers often find themselves frustrated by contentious or passive employees because they treat people as if they were things. On the other hand, leaders empower people to express their desire for fulfillment in values driven efforts to accomplish something meaningful and larger than themselves by collaborating effectively with others.